Do participants need Zoom installed?

Participants do not need to install Zoom, they can join directly from their browser.


Ethnio + Zoom Integration

If you're integrating Zoom with Ethnio, Zoom will generate unique links for each participant. And when participants click the links, they will be directed to Zoom. But, if participants do not have the app, they will be prompted to either download, or to join from the browser.

See the quick steps below on how to join in Google Chrome (without installing Zoom).

1. Click the link to join from the Ethnio details email. When you see redirected to launch meeting page, click "Join from Your Browser".



2. Next, enter your name and click join. Be carful with the recaptcha, and allowing your browser permission to access the microphone and/or camera.



3. Wait for the host to let you join. Then, once the meeting is started Zoom will run via the browser.




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