Multiple Zoom accounts and multiple screeners

Depending on your role inside Ethnio, you'll either see your own Zoom Account integration (Team Members see this) or a second table with a list of all Zoom accounts that have been connected to Ethnio (Owners and Admins see this).

It's important to note that only one Zoom account can be integrated per Ethnio user, but each team member can have their own Zoom account. For example, if you have 3 team members, then you can have 3 Zoom accounts in total. 




The error saying Zoom is already in use


If you received this error, it means that your Zoom account has already been integrated using another Ethnio team account. There are two potential ways to fix it:

  1. Have the team member who has already connected the Zoom remove their integration, using the orange remove integration button from account >> integrations

  2. This team member can also simply add Zoom to that screener. You'll still be able to use the screener from your account but the team member who has the Zoom account has to be the one to assign it to a given screener. This is due to Zoom security requirements and out of our control, unfortunately. 


Changing the Zoom account assigned to a screener

Let's say you need to change the Zoom account being used for a single screener, here are the steps to go about that:

  1. Disconnect Zoom from the screener If you were not the one to connect Zoom to a given screener, you'll have to ask the Ethnio team member who added Zoom to disconnect Zoom first. But it's okay if this isn't possible - more below. Note this is different than removing the entire Zoom integration from your account - no need to do that.


  2. Click + Add Zoom to Screener making sure that you have permission to edit the screener, otherwise you will not see it listed in the modal.


If you need to change screener owner first, the Zoom integration will stay associated with that screener. The new screener owner will be able to disconnect your Zoom account from integrations page, and then add their own.

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