Dashboard Email Reports

You can generate a daily, weekly, or monthly email report and send it to any email from Home >> Dashboard >> Email Reports. That will open up this modal:



Keep in mind the dates for this email report are dependent on how often you setup Ethnio to send them, and are not related to the dates you specify on dashboard. For example, if you want to receive daily reports on activity, and you choose 8am:



The email report you will receive Monday at 8:00am will contain activity for the preceding 24 hours, which would be Sunday 8am to Monday 8am 


Send Report Now

This is essentially a preview of the email with the huge caveat on dates/times. This report can only contain the dates or times as it relates to when you press the button. Once the reports are active, the times and dates will follow how you set things up above.


Adding External Emails

You can add any email at all to receive these reports:


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