Tips for how to intercept your users for research without interrupting their workflow

The key to not interrupting your users workflow is targeting. We wrote an entire blog post about this, if it's helpful, check it out here.  

In other words, cut through the noise of showing an intercept to all the wrong people, and instead only show an intercept at the exact right moment, to the exact right people. Here are some practical ways to do that with Ethnio:

  1. Keep your intercept off 99% of the time. This is not a survey - you only need to activate when you're recruiting for a study.
  2. Basic targeting (Pro and above)- device, location, etc
  3. Advanced custom targeting (Pro and above) using your data to determine who sees an intercept
  4. Limiter - automatic shut off after n responses
  5. Timer - set days and times the intercept appears
  6. Enable Intercept Exclusivity (Pro and above) to ensure Ethnio never fires at the same time as another intercept
  7. Offer the right incentive for your audience, because even users who don't convert will appreciate that it's a serious research offer and not a spam intercept
  8. Build your Pool of participants (Enterprise only) over time to decrease the need for relying exclusively on intercepts, although intercepts are awesome

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