What Is Ethnio? 🤔

Perhaps you're wondering what exactly Ethnio does? You're in the right place 🎉 It's a User Research CRM tailored to help you manage and schedule participants. Ethnio is a user research CRM that does these things:

  • 🎯 Intercept people via web or app intercepts (iOS or Android)
  • 🔗 Screener links you email out or post on social media
  • 💸 Incentives to pay participants in any currency or country
  • 📆 Scheduling for automated 1:1 or group interview scheduling 
  • 📜 Consent centralized in one place with an optional DocuSign integration
  • 👥 Panel of your own participants called Pool that lets you upload via CSV or import via API and sync with other CRMs like Salesforce via Webhooks. Tracks and reports on all participant activity (Enterprise-Only)

🚫 Please note: Ethnio does not sell external participants or have an external panel of any kind. Ethnio is not a panel provider, recruiting agency, or research consulting firm, and does not respond to RFPs. 

With Ethnio, designers, researchers, and operations teams conduct any kind of research with the participants they manage in Ethnio – qual or quant.  Here's a 60 second video showing how Ethnio works:

And here's another video with a more broad overview of what Ethnio offers:

Ethnio was created with the idea that recruiting participants who really care about your product or interface, in the moment when they actually care about it, is far superior to recruiting random people from a panel that may or may not have any affinity for what you are building.

Additionally, forcing participants to exist on your timeline instead of their own further reduces the quality of research. Ethnio was designed to help with "live-recruiting" but can also be used to schedule participants in advance, and is targeted at UX researchers, designers, PMs, marketing folks, and anyone who is conducting research. It can also be used to recruit for in-person interviews and to build a participant pool for other types of UX research.

Any time you need to recruit participants from the Web for ANY kind of research, you can use Ethnio recruiting for a fraction of the cost of panels or agencies.

Try it for free or schedule an Enterprise Demo.

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