Zoom Integration

Connect your Zoom account to Ethnio to automatically create a new Zoom Meeting (or Webinar!) from your Zoom account, including password support, for each confirmed participant. This can help with security or to help ensure no participants join the wrong meeting. Works with 1:1, Group, Backup, and MSM sessions. Sections in this article are as follows:

  1. Installation: How to Connect Zoom
  2. Uninstallation 
  3. How to Test 
  4. Problems connecting? Common issues
  5. Backup & Group Sessions


One huge benefit of using the Zoom integration is your stakeholders can access Zoom meeting URLs and passwords from your shared testing calendar they can subscribe to from gCal, Outlook, or iCal. Because there are fewer security risks to single Zoom meetings in a shared calendar, and Zoom has its own security model, we can include location for stakeholders. The PII of participants will still be obscured: 


Installation: How to Connect Zoom

Please verify you have administrative access in your Zoom account, and if you're planning on using Zoom Webinars to hide attendees from participants, make extra sure you have purchased the Zoom Webinars product in your Zoom account. Then follow these steps: 

  1. Head to scheduling >> emails and select the Details email from the left navigation (see screenshot below)  
  2. Select Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar from the Location dropdown
  3. The Location variable is perfect status shows, which means you have [Location] inside the body of any details email(s) you are using


You can also start from Account >> Integrations >> Zoom, but then you'll have the extra step of finding the right scheduling details email, so the steps above save you a couple clicks.

How to Test Automatic Zoom Meetings or Webinars

The quickest way to test Ethnio creating an automatic Zoom Meeting or Webinar from your Zoom account is to schedule yourself and confirm your session. Here are step by step instructions:

Step 1: Add Open Spots

Head to Scheduling >> Calendar and verify you have spots on the calendar


Step 2: Fill Out Screener from Preview

At the top of your screen, click the screener name and then preview. Select one or more scheduling times, and submit - you don't have to use a real email as you'll be able to see the email and Zoom URL from your view of Ethnio.



Step 3: Check Scheduling >> Settings

Head to scheduling >> settings and scroll down to Email Rules for Participants and make sure "When you manually confirm...send details" is set to yes.


Step 4: Confirm Manually 

Go back to scheduling >> calendar and click any teal Potential Recruits to Invite box to open up your list of potential participants: 


and then click the Confirm Manually button which will generate a Zoom meeting. Keep in mind it takes 1-3 minutes for the Zoom meeting and details email below to send. 


Please note, you can also click Invite here, but that creates another testing step since you would then to click confirm from an email, and that's just an extra testing step here.

Step 5: Wait 1-3min for Details Email to Generate and you're done!

It can take up to 90sec for the details email to send, and the Zoom meeting to generate. Locate the details email on the left in Scheduling Feed and open it up to see the Zoom Meeting and password, if included.



Uninstallation instructions

To remove any Zoom integration from your Ethnio account, you have two options -  follow these steps inside Ethnio:

  1. Go to account >> integrations and select Zoom.


  2. Then click disconnect next to any listed screeners:


  3. You'll then be prompted to check any details emails that previously used Zoom to ensure the new Location is correct:


Full removal

To perform a complete removal, uninstall the Ethnio Zoom application from your zoom marketplace with the following steps:

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace, which is currently here: marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed
  2. Click Manage >> Installed Apps or search for the Ethnio app
  3. Click the Ethnio app
  4. Click Uninstall 

Having problems connecting? Common issues

If you're unable to get Zoom connected to Ethnio, here are some things to check:

  • Can you login to your Zoom account successfully at zoom.us/signin ? We have to start there. Watch out for their Captcha.

  • Participants don't have Zoom installed? No problem, they can join through the browser. See steps here: https://help.ethn.io/hc/en-us/articles/360060109511
  • Does your Zoom account have authorization to add apps like Ethnio? Check the Zoom Manage Apps page here to see if you can see any installed apps: marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed If you have a corporate account or large team you may need to contact your administrator

  • Using Webinars? Make sure you have that product in your account. Zoom charges extra for Webinars, and Ethnio can only create dynamic Zoom Webinars if you have that in your plan.

Backups & Group Sessions

Unique Zoom meetings will be created for each backup session and for one group session. In other words, if you have a group of 5 participants, they will all get the same Zoom meeting for that time. The most important things to remember if you have separate backup and/or group session details turned on, verify the [Location] variable is being used.

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