Slack Integration for Response Alerts

You can choose to receive alerts for every new response, or certain responses that meet your criteria. You can receive an email, a Slack alert, or sounds in your browser. Each screener can have it's own Channel, and keep in mind everyone else in that Channel will see the alert, but you probably knew that.

Go to Responses >> Alerts

This is where you can manage alerts. We highly recommend choosing the option for "Only alerts for the right responses," because your inbox won't get flooded with the wrong type of respondents. You can also add multiple email recipients if you'd like. If you'd like to get Slack notifications, scroll down below for those instructions.

Slack Instructions 

Step 1: Add Slack

Navigate to Responses >> Alerts using the top bar.

Click "+ Add Slack" 

Step 2 Choose your Team and Channel

Slack will navigate you to their confirmation page where you have the opportunity to select whichever channel you'd like to add ethnio to. 

Use the top right drop down to select your team, and the center drop down to select your channel.

Step 3 Adjust your settings

Now you can turn the notifications on and off as you wish. The notifications will follow the same restrictions as your other alerts.

If you find that you want to change your channel, feel free to remove slack, and then add it back with your new choice!

Privacy Notes

We ask you to be aware that we may be sending personal information to your slack channels (depending on your screener). Please confirm that everyone who has access to the channel should be receiving this information. We also allow you to customize every screener with a different channel! You don't have to restrict all of your screener notifications to a single Ethnio channel (that could get very messy), feel free to choose the channel that best suits your screener's needs.

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