Changing Account Owner or Login

You can absolutely change the owner of your existing Ethnio account or transfer to a team member. If you have been prompted for 2FA verification on your account, please contact support as there is added complexity. The following instructions do work for SSO-enabled accounts.

Scenario #1: New Person has never had an Ethnio Account

Basically, if the email address of the new account holder has never been in the Ethnio system (team member or their own account), it's pretty simple to transfer ownership to them. Head to account >> profile, and enter their name and email, then save. Optionally, you can create a new password and send it to them (not secure), or you can instruct them to use this password reset link once their name and email has been saved (secure). 


Scenario #2: New Person has an existing Ethnio Account

This is a bit more complex, because you have to make their previous email is no longer inside the Ethnio system before transferring ownership to them. Most commonly, they have a team account, but if they happen to have their own separate Ethnio account, have them follow these instructions to delete that account and then follow the instructions below. 

  1. Remove Team Account – start by going to account >> team , and find the team member who will become the admin. Simply delete them. All their screeners will be transferred to you, but nothing will be deleted.


  2. Now follow the instructions above for Scenario #1, but make sure to let your new account owner know this extra step when you notify them:

    Please log out of any active Ethnio sessions, and clear any cookies.

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