Screener Lead or POC

Each screener has someone that created it or is generally in charge of that screener, which we refer to as the lead or POC (Point of Contact). If you're working on a team, you can see who created it, and change it to make it clear who's in charge. You can also change the lead if someone else on your team is in charge of that screener from screeners >> overview:


Why the Lead matters: Fast Mode and Automatic Email From/Reply To

There are a few scenarios where the robots inside Ethnio need to fallback on the Screener Lead to determine what From/Reply-to identity to use for something like a scheduling invite email or an automatic reminder. In other words, take the extra time to make sure the lead is set for any screener.

Changing the screener lead

If you have edit permission for a screener, you can change the lead by clicking on the screener lead.

Please note: if you don't have edit permission, you will be prompted to contact your account admin to make the change. They will be able to do it for you. In a pinch, feel free to email us and we can help as well. 

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