Login-Sharing, Duplicate Accounts, & Shared Emails: Strictly Prohibited

Ethnio handles financial data and distributes payments to research participants all over the world This means we have strict security controls. It also means every single person accessing Ethnio needs their own single email account, and every single email needs to be unique to one person. You cannot create duplicate Ethnio accounts with multiple emails that you control (personal vs work). More information below.

Examples of Shared Email Addresses

This is any email that more than one person can access at your organization, or any email without an individual name. Please reference the following list of common shared email addresses, but this is by no means exhaustive. 

  • research@company.com
  • account@company.com
  • purchasing@company.com
  • subscription@company.com
  • tools@company.com 
  • ethnio_something@company.com


We understand a lot of people keep logins/passwords in tools like 1Password or even shared internal documents that can be accessed throughout the organization for ease of use. If anyone else besides you has your password to Ethnio, that represents a security risk and a breach of terms. You may find your account locked or suspended if we find evidence of login-sharing or shared email addresses. You also will likely be automatically assigned 2FA on the account, which will then result in you needing a phone number on the account. If the account is shared this becomes problematic for everyone in involved.

We want to avoid any of that hassle, or interruption of access to Ethnio which could interfere with your research. If this all sounds unfair or you have any questions, please do reach out and we're happy to help.

Duplicate Accounts & Multiple Trials

If you sign up for one email in Ethnio and need to use a 2nd email, you can add yourself as a team member on the same account (requires Big plan or higher), or contact Ethnio customer support help@ethn.io with any special needs around multiple emails. For security reasons, it's strictly prohibited to use multiple emails you control to create multiple accounts. If we discover you are doing this all accounts will be deleted and you risk being banned from the platform permanently.  

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