Intercept Exclusivity: Ensure nobody sees multiple popups on your site

For any intercepts you run on your site, whether through Medalia, Intercom, Qualtrics, or Foresee, we have a system to make sure your visitors don't get bombarded with more than one intercept at any given time. We call this intercept exclusivity. It works using our external variable system to assign numeric values to each intercept, which then lets you control how many show up, or even select specific target audiences. That's a bit dense, so let's look at two ways you can do this:

Simple Intercept Exclusivity

  1. Ask your developers to pass a variable to Ethnio when any other intercept is on. For example "ForeSee Intercept Status" or fis for short, and include on/off as the value 

  2. Under Screeners >> Targeting create a custom targeting filter and turn off Foresee Intercept Displayed 

  3. Now Ethnio will only display when it knows that the ForeSee intercept is off
  4. Rejoice in a great UX for your visitors, and repeat as necessary with other intercepts

Advanced Intercept Exclusivity: Lots of tools

Same as above, but with added control for percentages for multiple intercepts. So, if you want to have Medalia show, and Qualtrics show, AND Ethnio show, but  make sure nobody ever sees more than one intercept, this is how you can control that: 

  1. Instead of an on/off state for your Qualtrics or Medalia intercept (for example), ask your developers to assign each tool to a number 1-10, which then lets you control the percentages
  2. You can then setup ethnio targeting to only show up when we receive 8-10, which would be 30% of the time. But, more importantly, Ethnio now knows to never display when any other intercept is on 

  3. Rejoice in a great UX for your visitors! 🥳

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