Okta Configuration Guide

It's important to make sure your configuration has exactly the right settings in order to ensure SSO works properly with Ethnio. Below please find highlighted values and settings for Okta

Please double check all fields match exactly in your configuration. If you know anyone at Okta, we've been trying to get officially added to their system for years. :-) 



Okta Quick Tip: Three Important Fields

Please ensure these three fields are correct

Single Sign On URL:  https://ethn.io/users/saml/auth 
Recipient URL:  https://ethn.io/users/saml/auth 
Destination URL: https://ethn.io/users/saml/auth






Ping Identity

There is nothing specific for Ping Identity as an IdP. Works with the same as Okta or OneLogin, so everything should be according to our metadata file, available here.

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