Tag Managers (Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten, Etc)

Ethnio is compatible with any third party tag management system. Below is a screenshot of a standard GTM setup, and the one known issue with GTM is when pasting the snippet into the GTM Container Tag, you must remove every piece of white space or GTM mangles the code. 🤷🏻♂️

The most common problem we see is the tag manager modifying ethnio JS so that when it renders on the page, it no longer works. Please check to make sure your tag manager is not modifying ethnio code. Lots more technical detail about the parts of ethnio Javascript here.

The default JavaScript works just fine in any of these systems, however as soon as you start using advanced triggering features, we have seen issues come up preventing the ethnio JavaScript from working properly. Also, keep in mind you could see intermittent indicators in Ethnio that JS code is not live. Not to worry, that's just your tag manager doing it's job. We have to treat each implementation on a case by case basis, but typically have to do paid custom support to troubleshoot any issues, since our default JS is almost always working properly.

Specific Ensighten & Tealium Tips

Make sure to not use the default Ethnio integration within Ensighten or Tealium. And if you have a rep at either of those companies, please tell them to answer any of our emails asking them update the integration because it's out-dated. Instead, use "JavaScript" and not "Image Pixel" as the method. Please see these screenshots.


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