Conversion Rate Funnel: Pageviews, Screener Views, and Responses

When you launch a screener, the goal is always to get qualified participants to complete interviews, but your conversion rate can vary wildly based on your traffic, brand, incentive, and much more.  The difference between pageviews, screener views, and responses can also be a little confusing. Here is an outline of both.

⚠️ Keep in mind the biggest single factor is paying your participants the right incentive, which you can figure out here with our free incentive calculator




Tips on Conversion:

  • Have an Awesome Brand - Disney and Reddit get higher conversion and view rates than all the rest of us mere mortal brands. How is your brand affinity? That will have a huge impact. 

  • No Targeting - if you are only showing the screener to a subset of total pageviews, this can drastically lower all the different rates.

  • Big Incentives - offer more money, and more people will respond. It's not always that simple, but also it is that simple.

  • Keep Your Screener Short - ask fewer questions, and more people will respond. This is pretty much always true.

  • Use Relatable Language - if your language is scary, cold, or formal, fewer people will respond depending on the context.



And Let's Define Those Terms:


Pageview: is generated any time your server pings our server. So let's say you've placed your code on a page that gets 1,000 pageviews. Every single one of those is going to say to Ethnio "hey should we show the screener?" Because we set a cookie to ensure that nobody sees a screener twice, the vast majority of those pageviews will not result in a screener being shown. That's because there are tons of reloads and return visits on any given page. You might also have the screener turned all the way off, in which case pageviews will continue to accrue, but no screener views will appear. You can read more about this here. 


Screener Views: This refers to the amount of times a screener was seen by one of your site visitors.


Responses: The amount of responses that occurred after a visitor saw your screener. Does not mean completed responses, but they had some type of interaction with your screener. 


The Ethnio Viewing Funnel explains a bit of the breakdown of all three key terms and how they correlate with each other:




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