I think my intercept is showing up for people, even though I have it turned "off"!

Don't panic- if your screener is turned off, you can be certain that your screener is not showing up for people. When a screener shows up like that, it is almost always due to the caching of old screener JavaScript by 1)an ISP, 2) your browser, or 3) servers in between. It takes a few days  for a cached version of a webpage to completely disappear. Rest assured, unless you see the view count under 'Recruits' increasing, your screener is off. 



Here is some more detail about this for our fellow tech folks out there. The situation is that the screener will only appear if someone clears their cookies and visits the site again, because they have the JavaScript cached on their local machine. This is exceedingly rare - basically less than .0001% of visitors will have this actually happen.

To explain a bit more: A user comes to your site and sees the screener. When they come again, they don't see the screener, because they have a cookie. And in this situation, they have cached the javascript in their browser (not on the server). After that, imagine that you (the ethnio admin) turned off the screener. Now, if that user comes to the site, they don't see the screener because they have a cookie, not because the screener is turned off. So, if the user clears the site's cookies - they will see the screener again, when it's turned off. Why? Because, this user has a cached javascript in browser, so when the user clears the browser's cache - the screener will not be shown, because it is turned off.


Sounds confusing, but this most likely will never happen-- but just in case. Send us an email if you're having trouble or think it's happened to you. 

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