Options for 3rd Party URL (Variables, Redirect, Limiter)

Pass any Ethnio variables to this external URL?

If you're passing variables TO Ethnio in your intercept or screener link, Ethnio can then pass those to an external tool that supports external variables. Please note regular Ethnio questions cannot be passed to 3rd Party URLs for security reasons, only variables that Ethnio receives. The idea behind this is that you'd like to not ask people for their email twice, so it's a pretty elegant way of handing people off to another tool, and just using Ethnio as the gateway to decide who gets invited to whatever tool you're using for research.




Pass email field as a variable

The most important step is to tell whatever tool you're using that the name of the variable is "email." We use the fairly standard syntax that will look like this when your participants clicks through:


So keep in mind you will be passing emails as plain text along with the URL, which could violate some privacy policies. If that's the case, don't use this feature. :-) 


Limiter / Automatic Shut Off

If you'd like to turn the screener off automatically after a certain number of responses, you can turn this "Limiter" on. Keep in mind it doesn't take into account successful completes, so as a general rule of thumb, add 30% to the total number of desired completes. For example, if you want to turn this screener off after 100 completes, set the limiter to 130. 

Lots more info on this feature here: https://help.ethn.io/hc/en-us/articles/204165454-Limiter-Create-an-Automatic-Shut-Off-Limit


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