Sending Respondents to a 3rd Party URL for Unmoderated & Automated Testing

You can use a set of closed-ended questions and targeting in ethnio to essentially pre-screen and send users to any link you'd like. Some common tools our customers use in conjunction with ethnio are:

  • dScout
  • Optimal Workshop
  • Qualtrics in-depth surveys
  • self-moderated tests

You get to that by going to screeners >> 3rd Party URL, and please make sure you do not have any qualifying questions in your screener if you use this feature as they do basically the same thing and can cancel out logic you might setup here.


A popular way to constrain who gets the 3rd Party URL is using Rules & Filters, which is covered here.   

The basic idea is that you can specify which questions yield a "congrats" page, and send everyone else to the "thanks page. At a high-level, it's similar when Doc explains to Marty there are two alternate realities, and they are living in the "Wrong 1985" here:


Quick Note on Testing

If you've turned on this feature and want to try it out be aware that you need to fill out all the fields in order to get the "congrats" state AND use a unique email. A partial response is automatically disqualified by Ethnio, so you might think the logic isn't working.

The other important note for testing is if you use mobile or location filters, it may be impossible to get the "congrats" page. For example, if you're in Peru, and the filter is set to the United States, you will never see congrats.



Automatic Redirect for Links

This will not work with intercepts, but if you're using a link and want to redirect certain respondents straight to a URL without even showing them the "congrats" page, you can do that with this checkbox at the bottom of options:



Rules & Filters

You can setup certain questions and answers to yield an invite to your research automatically. For example, you can ask people in an ethnio screener if they have ever been to your web site before, and only show an invite to the people that answer "yes"-- or anything else you can imagine.



You can even specify certain browsers or certain locations:



Use this feature to integrate with a third party tool and send qualified recruits straight to your test or third party tool: 





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