Login & Password Requirements

As part of ongoing security enhancements in 2019, we've phased out username. This relates to a system-wide set of improvements in compliance with GDPR. Your email and password are all that is required, but keep in mind your email needs to be your work email and cannot be a shared email account such as research@acme.com or IT@acme.com or anything similar. 

We will be activating two-factor authentication shortly, so removing username is part of that migration. Hopefully you should have an easier time with one less thing to remember or store in your password manager, but if you're having any issues logging in, please contacts us.

We now have four main requirements for your password:

  • Length   (8-20 characters)
  • Symbol   (!@#$%^&*)
  • Uppercase   (at least one uppercase character)
  • Number   (123456789)


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