Invite to Scheduling from Responses

You can invite one participant at a time who has already chosen times in your screener to schedule a time right from Responses, which has the advantage of letting you apply filters, which you cannot do from the Calendar view. If you're looking for the Invite Previous feature that is a seperate button covered here. You can do this in two ways:

1) Invite or Confirm Buttons

If they have a valid email and you've only chosen 1 respondent, you will see the Invite or Confirm button light up, depending on your quick settings from scheduling. If the Invite or Confirm button does not light up blue, it may be that they are missing an email or blocked by Pool Rules.

2) Click scheduling times

If they have selected one or more times in your screener with a scheduling question, you can scroll over to the scheduling question and click a single time or the word Multiple...:



The Invite Modal

With either method above, you'll see the Invite modal where you can preview or send a scheduling invite.


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