Timezones in Ethnio 🕚 – Study, Ethnio User, Participant, etc

The  timezone you use for your Ethnio account, the timezone of your team members, and the timezone of participants may all be different—let's review how to set this up in a way that fits both remote multi-timezone studies as well as locked in-person timezone studies.

This can be a bit confusing 🤪, so we've tried to cover common use cases. The newest release of Ethnio scheduling as more control over timezones. Basically, the new concept of a "Study" controls the timezone, and Ethnio user's can have any timezone they like and when they view or edit the study, it will not necessarily change the study timezone: 

But, to be sure, you can check their timezone against your own. You can find your timezone in the top left of your calendar. You can find the participants timezone under their name by clicking on their time slot.For in-person studies, make sure to lock the timezones. More on that here

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