Combined Calendar

Note: this feature is part of Enterprise Plans only

The combined calendar allows you to view and share the flow of scheduling and paying participants across screeners, team members, and sessions. You can filter across these channels to get one master overview of how your entire calendar looks—filtering on every step in this flow, from pending, invited, completed, confirmed, to paid, and so forth. 

You can access the calendar from Home >> Combined calendar.

Please note it's only available for Enterprise customers.


If you'd like to share your calendar with reception at your facility or stakeholders, you can share or print out a list and hide P.I.I. This means you can easily view upcoming participants across all screeners/studies/teams and share it internally or externally if needed. 


That gives you a URL that you can share outside of Ethnio as long as you hide P.I.I., which looks like the screenshot below. This gives your stakeholders a master calendar customized to your location, studies, or team. They can view by month, week, day, or list:


This is list view, and note how contact info is visible, which requires an Ethnio login:


Or this same view with a link that's accessible without an Ethnio login, but hides all P.I.I:


And last example is day view:


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