Scheduling Link Expired

There's a screen that your participants may encounter during their scheduling process in Ethnio (see right), and it's designed to protect the space time continuum from breaking, because we're dealing with past and present.




Most Common Reason: Original Time is in The Past

The most common reason that your participants will see this screen is if their original interview time is in the past.

  1. You have a participant scheduled for 9am on Jan 1st
  2. At 8am, you ask them to reschedule
  3. They don't see the email until 9:01am
  4. The scheduling link will be expired, because their original start time is now in the past


Reason #2: They Already Rescheduled

You've asked them to reschedule, and they already rescheduled their time, but then went back and clicked it again.

Each rescheduling invite is a one-time use link.


Reason #3: You already Canceled 

You've already canceled the participant, but they missed the canceled email and clicked the link in the original scheduling email anyway.




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