Scheduling Emails & Personalization Variables

When you send scheduling emails to participants through Ethnio, you can customize every word, variable, and field in every email. You do this from Scheduling >> Emails. 

  1. Check the From and Reply-to in the screenshot below and make sure it's accurate
  2. Keep in mind if another team member is using the same screener, they can have a different From / Reply-to so that you can have multiple researchers/coordinators inviting participants on the same screener

 List of Variables / Required Links

Here's a quick summary of the variables that go in scheduling emails, and you can see a list of the required links for certain emails here. The quickest way to see them is to reset any given email to the default text, and here's the official list of variables:

Variables in Scheduling & Incentives 

  • [Participant Name] Full name

  • [Participant First Name] Only first name

  • [Your Name] As you entered it in sender details

Required Scheduling Variables

  • [Confirm Link] Takes them to the confirm landing page

  • [Location] Dynamically creates a Zoom or other integration meeting when participant confirms, or lists your Enter Your Own if not using a meeting integration

Scheduling Variables 

  • [Scheduled Time] The time they picked for an interview 

  • [Session Duration] Length of the interview time you specified

  • [Participant Phone] The phone number your participant entered in their screener

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