Multi-Session Mode (MSM)

Do you have the same participants coming back for multiple sessions within a single study? Turning on Multi-Session Mode (MSM for short) can help from scheduling >> calendar.

MSM Workflow

  1. Turn on MSM from scheduling > calendar and make sure to set any options.
  2. Define which session is on which day. You can also leave each session open to any session number.
  3. Check scheduling > emails > 1st session & subsequent sessions Make sure our language under scheduling >> emails for the invites works for your study needs. It's not bad out of the box, but at least double-check.
  4. Responses > Session Invite Button. When MSM is on, select one or more respondents, and the click the button on Responses called Session Invite. More on that here
  5. Incentives > Pay Competed Participants will also show each session # and will display multiple rows  

Session Numbers in Emails & Landing Pages

If you have MSM on, you can use a variable in all scheduling emails and landing pages called [MSM Session #] that can help clarify to participants which session they are scheduling.

Common Gotchas

Beware MSM can get pretty tricky, because you can set rules about which follow up times are available based on what time a session is. 

  • Gotcha #1: Manually schedule can't change sessions. Since the point of this mode is to restrict which session a participant is approved to schedule, you can't move them around between sessions in manually schedule mode. That means if they Completed Session #1, you can't manually schedule them for Session #2. You would need to invite them to session #2, and then they can pick a time anyway, so hopefully that negates the whole need for manually scheduling.
  • Gotcha #2: Invite Previous may not show all times. Similar to above, MSM adds a whole bunch of complexity to which times someone is allowed to pick, which means you can't invite them to pick a new time if they have completed a session but are not invited to another session
  • Gotcha #3: Calendar Invites only support 1:1 sessions. So group and backup sessions cannot have different calendar invites for 1st session vs subsequent sessions like 1:1 interviews.

For example, if you have a session with one participant at 9am on Tuesday, and you want them to come back for a 2nd session, BUT you need a minimum of two days between sessions, you can set that option, and then when they get invited back automatically, they will only see times that match that rule. Confusing, right? It should save you tons of time sorting through participants, and check out the workflow below.

Keep in mind, for subsequent sessions, participants are  confirmed immediately and can only pick one time, because they are already qualified. There's no need to hassle them with yet another confirmation step. You'll also be notified with a scheduling alert email that includes their new session number.

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