Manually Scheduling an Existing Participant using Edit Schedule ✏️

Let's say you have an existing respondent or potential participant in Ethnio, and they didn't pick the right scheduling time. Maybe you've been communicating directly with them via email / text and you want to change the times they selected so you can invite them to a different time. To save having to ask them to fill out a screener again you can edit the scheduling times for an existing respondent.

Responses >> Select the participant >> Edit Schedule. 

This will allow you to assign them to one or more new times, and then you can invite them or confirm them for any of those times. 

Edit Schedule was previously called Manually Schedule

Common Gotchas 🤔

1️⃣ Why don't all the times show up for a single participant when I click edit schedule? Most likely they have already selected times, and you need to check the Potential Times column to see if those times are already there. They just need to be invited to a time, as opposed to using edit schedule. tldr; only times that haven't been selected show up in edit schedule. 

2️⃣ If you've already confirmed a participant, you can't edit their schedule because you have to reschedule them, so you might see this error:

2️⃣ If you're using Multi Session Mode (AKA MSM), you'll only be able to edit times based on the session they've completed, so if a participant has already completed 5 of 6 sessions of MSM, they'll only see Session #6 times as well as times that are "Any Session":

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