Incentive Redeem Page Design

You can customize the look and feel of the web pages your recipients see to closely match your branding.


Please note these options apply to incentive redeem pages but not the emails you send. You can control the style for emails separately.

Adding your Logo helps with trust. By clicking Logo you can drag and drop your own brand logo and size appropriately.

Click the Icon to choose which symbol you want to represent your reward. Choose anything from a gift box, to an incentive with love.

The Color sections allow you to match the accent color, text color and background color of your brand guidelines. This helps bring the participant's experience back to your product, and makes the emails you send out look like they are part of your web experience.

Subdomain allows you to customize the links you send out to include your own name. For example,

Button Radius: do you use round or square buttons? Easily change the radius to suit your style.

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