Incentive Email Deliverability

You can customize all the emails and redeem pages that your payees see while redeeming their reward through Ethnio and on average 92% of rewards are redeemed after 6 months, but many factors can impact successful deliverability of incentive emails. Note that sometimes the terms delivery and deliverability are related but a bit different. Ethnio sends the reward emails automatically within seconds of you placing your order. There are multiple emails, depending on the method they choose, and a few different web pages they go through to choose their methods.


Tips on Deliverability


Complete Domain Verification (DKIM)

For Enterprise customers, have your technical team complete domain verification (DKIM), which basically authorizes Ethnio to send emails from your domain. 


Customize Reward URLs and Redeem Pages

From Incentives >> Redeem pages, add a subdomain, logo, colors, and fonts to match your brand guidelines. Not only can this help pass spam filters for the reward redeem URL that Ethnio automatically sends to recipients, but it increases trust and completion percentages for recipients who may be cautious clicking any link that involves financial transactions (even receiving money).

  • An example of a custom subdomain is instead of the default, which is found under incentives >> redeem pages





Reply-to should be 

Make sure you leave the reply-to as so the Ethnio Rewards team can help recipients 24/7 with any issues they have receiving emails, choosing methods, or getting their rewards. 




Customize the footer

Try adding additional information about your research team and Ethnio Rewards, and consider adding the corporate address of your company as this can help pass spam filters as being legitimate. 




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