Pay Flow: Min & Max Amounts

The Red Min & Max Error

Are you receiving an error saying the amount you've entered to pay recipients is not supported? This means the amount you've entered to pay recipients is either above or below the available range. To fix this, head back to select payment methods and turn off any methods that are outside your range.

We show you the minimum and maximum required values below each payment method from incentives >> payment methods . See in the below screenshot the light grey ranges: 

Let's say you were trying to pay $150, simply turn off the India Virtual Visa, or of course offer lower than $141.

Reviewing All Global Payment Methods

Head to incentives >> payment methods, and select "Global," to view the min and max values for all payment methods. For example note these two in the screenshot below:  

  1. PayPal  ($5 minimum—$1,000 maximum)
  2. U.S. Amazon ($5 minimum—$1,000 maximum)

Sub-Methods: Charity and eGift Cards

The two payment methods that contain multiple ranges within the method are  eGift Cards (each brand has it's own range) and Charity. 

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