Required Questions

You can make almost any kind of question required in Ethnio:

  • Closed-ended questions (Checkboxes, radio buttons, etc)
  • Questions with logic (Qualifying, Drill Down, etc)
  • Open-ended questions (Single line, paragraph, etc)
  • Contact fields (Email, Name, etc)

The only questions that cannot be required are scheduling and opinion scale. Respondents must answer any required question them before advancing or submitting the page (works on intercepts and links). Required questions are marked with a red asterisk (*) on both the screener and the Ethnio editing interface. 


Note that the email validation checks to make sure the email is valid, but name and phone only require characters to be present. You can toggle required questions on from inside the Name, Phone, or email questions types in screeners >> questions:



For scheduling, if you do not require email or name in your screener, you may get responses that cannot be scheduled—this is because we have no way to contact them.



Localize Error Language

No matter which required fields you decide to use, there is a small customizable message that appears for one or more blank required fields in a screener (intercept or link). On the screeners >> questions page, look for the "Customize Text Labels" button at right:



You can edit this language, which is saved per screener, on the screeners >> questions page on the right side:



Two Quick Gotchas

Important Note on Long Screeners

Put required fields at the bottom of any long screener page, or keep the page short.

There are certain scenarios where your respondents may run into some confusion around required questions. The most important to be aware of is do not place required questions at the top of a very long single page. This might result in the intercept or screener link being scrolled down so far that your respondent can't see the required field warnings. In other words, keep required questions on as short a page as possible or at the bottom of the page near the submit/next button.

You can easily reorder the pages using the move options.


Careful with Drill Down Questions

Don't put required fields in drill down questions unless you absolutely have to.

You can place a required question inside of a drill down, but Ethnio will not force your respondents to answer it, unless they correctly answer the drill down. In other words, if you drill down on location, but only show required email to certain respondents:


Then if your respondent doesn't ever see the email field, we will allow them to continue without the required field. That is because they have absolutely no way of knowing there's a required field in the drill down:



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