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The first step for creating your screener is to design the basics of how it looks. This page shows the three ways to distribute any given Ethnio screener – web intercept, link, or native app intercept. Design options for each method are separated now. Below find all the details, as well as the main things to do when designing the look of your screener.

#1 Name & Logo

Edit the name of your screener and upload a logo. These two elements apply to all three methods below.

#2 Choose Distribution Method

You can use one method or all three concurrently, but most of our customers stick to one per screener to give you maximum control over your respondent experience. The three methods are:

  • Web Intercept
  • Link
  • App Intercept

#3 Set Options

For any given method, set options in the next section, such as the theme. Not too many options in native app for now. If you're using a web intercept, this is where you position the intercept and edit colors. You can also upload a screenshot and preview. We recommend Multi-Page (Default) as a best practice, as it has the most options for questions later on.


#4 Link Options

If you're posting your Ethnio screener link on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, sending it out via email, or even posting the screener on Craigslist, this section is for you. You can change the  page title, the sorry state, and even edit meta data.

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