Post preview – sharing links on social media

When you paste an Ethnio screener link into Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or even iMessage, you want to see a nice preview image and text automatically show up properly. The only problem is, Ethnio has a cache that takes a few minutes, and those services sometimes read meta data poorly. The best answer is to wait at least 10 minutes after any change and then enter your screener link here on this Facebook link debugger, which is your best friend in testing links to share on social media: 

The most common issue is that Facebook might block your Ethnio link but there are some very easy fixes:

  1. Add a post preview image (see below)
  2. Try adding a subdomain but be very careful to include the https, so for example instead of pasting, try pasting
  3. Disable cookies under screeners >> publish

Here's what it should look like in a tweet:


There are three elements in that post preview that you can edit inside ethnio:

  1. Preview Image
  2. Headline
  3. Description text

Head to screeners >> design >> link and scroll down to Posting on Social Media to edit those fields. In some cases, you won't see the headline and description there, so go to screeners >> invite and edit the headline and description there if that happens.

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