Qualifying Questions

If you'd like to create qualifying questions that determine whether or not you collect contact info or even more follow-up questions on a different page, like scheduling, to respondents that give the right answers you define, then Qualifying Question is a question type that might be helpful.

Here's the outline on how to use it, and the most common/awesome scenario is to use qualifying questions as a guardian gate in front of your scheduling question, so only the right participants get to choose a time. Added bonus is that you can only ask for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) from respondents that are qualified. The big advantage over the Drill Down question type is that with qualifying questions you can have multiple separate questions across multiple questions pages in your screener.

Add Qualifying Question(s)

Add one or more questions that will determine if your respondent is allowed to pick a time. They are  additive so all correct answers to multiple qualifying questions will be required to see the next page.


⚠️ Page *After* Qualifying Question is Required

Please make sure there is always a page after your qualifying question so that the logic can work properly. You can put scheduling, contact fields, or whatever you'd like to  only show to the right respondents, on this page. You simply drag questions from one page to the next. It's a bit clunky, so apologies, but you might have to reload the page to make sure everything worked right. Working on fixing that, obvs.


Disqualifying Answers in Checkbox Mode

For each qualifying question, you can choose radio buttons, dropdown, or checkboxes. If you choose checkboxes, which allows multiple answers (lovingly referred to as a "multi-select" question by some researchers), you can toggle an answer to be a  disqualifying answer, no matter what else is selected. This allows you to disqualify certain answers even if a qualifying answer is selected. Sound confusing? Here's an example to help clarify:


That would result in anyone that checks  Lemons getting disqualified, even if they have Oranges checked:


Verify Theme

Use the default (or your own custom enterprise) theme from screeners >> design >> theme. Currently, this is the only theme that supports qualifying questions.

Decide on Qualifying Page Mode

Most likely, you'll want to send recipients to a disqualified page if they don't give the right answers, but there's also a skip page option:

  1. Mode 1: Disqualified Page: this is the most popular mode, and you need to go to screeners >> thanks, and turn on "Use disqualified page" as an option.


  2. Mode 2: Skip the next page - if you leave the toggle above turned off, your qualifying questions simply skip the next page. This allows you to not tell people explicitly they are disqualified, because then you increase the odds they will get angry and email your customer support, but you can offer different wording than if they were qualified.

    Let's call it a more gentle thanks.

Please Note

You can get pretty creative with page skip logic, so your MPS questions don't have to be on the first questions page. There's almost infinite ways you could combine with drill downs as well. Give us a shout with any questions.

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