Screeners Overview

With the goal of helping you organize large numbers of screeners across many team members, the screeners overview is your home base for managing your projects in Ethnio:

Lets walk through the commonly used parts of this page:


Select screeners with checkboxes or select all/none using the checkbox on the top right of screeners > overview to bring up the floating action bar, where you can duplicate, move, change the screener lead, and add/remove labels:

Search: ⌘ + K 

Use command (⌘) / control + K on your keyboard to open the search.  Then you can quickly search by screener name, label, or screener ID (e.g. #44000) to find your screener projects.



Add labels to your screeners to organize, categorize, or group projects and easily find them later using the filters. Read more here.


Add multiple is or is not filters from the top right, and then collapse or view the filter bar:


You might find it helpful to use folders to organize your screeners. This could be for templates or by team, product area, study types, or anything you find useful across your whole team. 


Swap ID

If you've placed Ethnio JavaScript on your site somewhere, you can change which screener appears without touching the code—and save the need to hassle developers. Simply click the screener ID number (E.g. #78648) from the overview page and choose which screener you would like to swap. 


Set Lead

Each screener has someone that created it or is generally in charge of that screener, which we refer to as the lead.If you're working on a team, you can see who created it, and change it to make it clear who's in charge. Read more here.


You can archive your screener but cannot delete it completely.  To do this, go to your screener dashboard (Screeners >> Overview), hover over the trash icon, and click "archive." Read more here.

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