Data Flow Diagrams


This outlines how customer data for incentives, scheduling, and screeners is stored and transferred to Ethnio, which covers both customers and respondents, as defined in our terms. Basically, if you use incentives, screeners, or scheduling, there are different data flow diagrams for each of those. For now we're only including incentives.


Incentive Data Flow


The data flow for incentives starts with a customer entering one or more emails for research recipients to be paid. The only required data type is email, and per our GDPR compliance, Ethnio can automatically expire stored incentive emails after a certain period of time. Here are more details on the two ways a customer can enter recipient emails to be paid in Ethnio:

  1. Manually add recipients - customer uploads a CSV, Google Sheet, or types in emails into a secure logged-in Ethnio session.
  2. Pay completed recipients - any participants who complete a screener and scheduling workflow will automatically be available to be paid.

In terms of the diagram below, there's no difference in data flow between the above two methods for entering emails into Ethnio. The only required field is email, and name (first or full) is totally optional.


Screener and Scheduling Data Flow coming soon. 


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