Incentive Limits


You can now turn on limits across all your team members, incentive orders, and studies. This will show you and help prevent any given recipient from receiving more then a specified amount per calendar year. This is generally to avoid anyone needing to get a 1099, but it could simply be used to restrict people from getting paid too many times, or too much. 





 We cross-reference each recipient email against all other emails they might have used in previous incentive batches when they redeemed a rewardRead more about this here.





Where do I see the limits?

You see the limits when you go to pay a new batch. If someone is getting close, or surpassed their limit, you'll see it on the first page of the Pay Flow. They never stop you from paying someone. But we understand it would be more helpful if you could not invite someone to participate who might go over their limit in the first place. Working on that - see below.



Coming Soon: Prevent Invites That Would Go Over a Limit

Ideally, before you invite a participant

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