Pay Flow: Methods & Countries


The most important two things to keep in mind on this step are:

  1. Your recipients can choose from multiple payment methods that you define, or if you just want one method, like PayPal, that's fine too. It's up to you. Maybe you already told participants a specific method for your current study, so for the next study, try wording your inventive language along the lines of "$75 Electronic Reward"
  2. In Global mode, recipients will only see payment methods for their country. For example, if you turn on 20 payment methods, but one of your recipients is in France, they will only see the payment methods that work in France. We detect and verify each recipient's country in the recipient redeem flow.


With those two things in mind, here is how this page works. You tell Ethnio if you want to lock a batch to a single country/currency, or operate in "global" mode which then will automatically detect and route your recipients to the right methods and currency. For example, if you know your participants are all in the UK, select United Kingdom, and you'll see this:




Or if you don't know where your participants are in the world, or you know they are in multiple countries, select global and you'll see this:




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