All About Ethnio Participant Pool


As of 2018, we've allowed some customers early access to our upcoming participant pool. It allows you to upload a CSV, create filters and segments, send email distributions, schedule participants, pay them, but most importantly track all interactions with your participants across your whole team and all studies. Please note as of now it's only available for a small subset of Enterprise plan customers, based on use cases and fit for trial usage.


1. Upload CSV


1a. You can upload a regular list, opt-out list, and even choose two different types of duplicate handling in case you upload the same list of customers with updated data. 

1b. Then you map columns to the rest of your pool. This means if you have 10 team members all uploading different spreadsheets with a "Number of Cats Owned" column, you can all set filters and see data across all sources.





2. Set Filters and Drag Columns

Once you have CSV uploaded, you can set filters or drag the columns most important to you:



3. Send Email Distribution

Start with selecting the members of your pool you'd like to email:


3a. Then edit your sender, content, and save multiple templates for different types of outreach:

3b. We'll show you any hidden or opted-out participants

3c. Then you get to see the number of opens, clicks, bounces, etc.


4. Logic, Segments, & Pool Rules

There are a number of ways to save segments and specify rules for how often your participants are allowed to be contacted across all channels, team members, and studies. The coolest is pool rules:



5. Participant History

At the heart of pool is a record of every interaction with a given participant. Have they been emailed, paid, contacted, opted out, etc



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