Custom Theme Design Requirements


In order for us to build a custom theme, we can use anything from rough mockups to fully functioning HTML/CSS. It's up to you what to send us, but below are some requirements that should make it easier. There are two methods of deploying ethnio screeners, so first decide if you want us to modify one or both:

  1. JavaScript Screener - this works with a layer and iFrame on your site, and your site visitors never leave your site. Preview example (wait 10sec).
  2. Direct Link - a seperate URL like

Each of those methods has separate design requirements, so you can choose to create a theme for one or both methods. Totally up to you. Then there are the three components of a screener, listed below.


  1. Invite - the first screen your site visitors will see. This can also have different states within this single component, if you wanted to have an icon permanently visible, that visitors had to click on, for example, but most customers just have the invite appear as a layer. We can also animate it, have it locked to a certain part of the browser, etc.

  2. Questions - keep in mind each question type might have different states, like scheduling, which is also pictured below. Your design should address any specific ideas like questions and answers on separate rows instead of separate columns as we have them. All totally up to you, but more complexity might take more hours.

  3. Thanks - last page of the screener. The only other state here is the "congrats" state which looks identical but has a big green button to get started on an online exercise.


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