Rescheduling or Cancelling Participants


You can easily cancel or reschedule participants who have either been invited or confirmed. Let's start with rescheduling, and the cancel options are below. The most important thing to know is you can only reschedule a confirmed participant. Read more here about the difference between invited and confirmed. If you've only invited someone, but they aren't yet confirmed, and you want to have them pick a different time, simply cancel the invite and invite them to a different time. If you want to have them pick a new time, either manually schedule them or use the invite previous feature to have them pick a new time. To get started rescheduling someone that has been confirmed, head to scheduling >> calendar.



Option #1: Open Reschedule

This is when you want to let your participant select a new time themselves, from any available times you still have open. Simply open the confirmed OIS and click the button "Ask Participant to Reschedule."

Make sure you customize the rescheduling email before you send from scheduling >> emails & landing pages:

The last step is to review this warning letting you know that you're about to send an email, and verifying that you reviewed the language in the reschedule email above, which of course you did:

Testing Note: If you test rescheduling yourself as a participant, which is a great idea, always use a fresh browser/incognito window to reschedule yourself as a test. Otherwise, you'll be logged in as you, which a participant would never be, and Ethnio will be all sorts of confused and give you errors.



Option 2: Proposed New Time

Do you have a specific new time you'd like to move a scheduled interview to? Simply drag a confirmed interview spot to a new time/day/week:







How to Cancel

You can cancel either an invited or confirmed participants. Either way open up the interview spot, and click the red cancel button from Scheduling >> Calendar. You'll notice the layer will look different depending on if they are confirmed (top image below) or if they have only been invited (bottom image below).  


Make sure you've customized the cancel email under scheduling >> emails, which looks like below:

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