Backup Spots


You have the option of creating backup spots if you'd like to schedule extra participants for any given day of testing. Keep in mind you have to be in "picky" mode for backups to work. Some people call these "alternates," but the main idea is you can book extra participants just in case people flake, but you give them slightly different language explaining that if they are available and you don't need them, they typically will receive the incentive anyways. So they understand they are standing by during a specific time range.

There is the choice to create one backup spot per interview time, or have the backup spot span the whole day of testing. Here's how it works:

1. Go to scheduling >> emails & landing pages and customize the backup invite language potential backup participants will receive.


2. Now go to scheduling >> calendar, turn on backup mode, making sure you are in "picky" mode, and click once anywhere on the calendar area to add one or more backups spots:

3. In order to invite someone to be a backup, they have to choose a time that the backup covers. So in the example above, they have to choose 9am. Then they'll appear in both regular and backup spots so you can invite them:


4. Now you just open up the backup spot and invite the participant you'd like to schedule as a backup. That's it! 


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