Pre-Paid Virtual Visa Cards (US & Global)


You can have ethnio automatically send your participants a link where they will fill out a couple details and then receive a pre-paid Visa number they can use anywhere online where Visa is accepted. It works in most countries around the world (except restricted ones) and while the currency of the card is measured in USD, recipients can see their balance in any currency around the world, and in the US, they can even choose to receive a physical Visa card in the mail, although they would have to enter their physical address in that case. 

The way it works is we send your participant an email that you can fully customize and can have your logo at the top with a unique activation URL. That URL takes them to a Rewards web page where they have to create two quick accounts, for security reasons, and then they get the virtual visa number. The flow is outlined below:


US Virtual Visa

The process for our United States Virtual Visa is incredibly simple for payees, because there is not as much fraud with US virtual visas, and so the requirements from the banks are a bit more reasonable:


1. Payee Goes Through Ethnio Rewards Flow

This is where they select their currency, method, et.


2. Payee Activates Their Card

They click on a link from their activation email that opens up this interface:


3. Payee Activates Their Card

A four-digit PIN is required and that's it! They now have access to their Visa number. Super fast. 



Global Virtual Visa

For virtual visas you send to payees all over the world, the process is much more complex, and this is entirely because the banks are constantly trying to make it harder for people to use these products for fraud. Basically, your payees have to create an account and go through some hoops to get their virtual cards.

1. Payee Goes Through Ethnio Rewards Flow

This is where they select their currency, method, et.


2. Payee creates a Reward Center account and chooses options. They can put a fake address here if they are getting a virtual visa number.


3. They copy the Reward Activation Code which is all for fraud prevention


4. Use that code to create an EntroPay account. Please note EntroPay changes their UI all the time, so this might not be exactly what your payees see, but something like this:


5. They get their Visa number. That's it!

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