We Hate Requiring a Credit Card for the Free Trial, Too


It's kind of lame to require a credit card for a 30 day free trial - we agree. But our billing system, Chargify, works much better that way, so that's the main reason. As regular internet users, we hate this as much as you. SORRY. Hopefully, Ethnio is a tool worth trying and then logging in to your account, going to Account >> Plan & Usage, and then clicking "free," if you don't like it.

Also, as a small company of three people trying to provide research tools to mostly businesses, people sometimes place our JavaScript on their site and then either don't want to remove it or forget it's there. That is totally cool with us, but in aggregate it vastly increases our server load, and requiring a credit card at least gives us some recourse if folks leave our code active but don't want to pay. 

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