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  • Avvo User Research

    The user sees a button in the email that says "confirm my interview" - what happens with that information? Do I get confirmation that the button was clicked (or not)?

  • myhealthcasts

    What happens if more than one user chooses the same slot before we are able to schedule them? How do we ask them to reschedule?

  • Ethnio

    Good questions - updating this since we've updated scheduling quite a bit -

    Avvo: you do get notified when the user clicks "confirm interview" both via email and on your calendar page the time slot for that participant turns green and their name appears.

    Myhealthcasts: while multiple users can select a given time, you can only confirm one participant per time slot. Once someone is confirmed the time is no longer available.

  • Simon Johnson

    My interview are 4 hours in duration. I want ppp to be able to choose any starting hour between 9am and 4pm. Is it best to set up a 1-hour open slot for every hour of the day so people can choose the nearest hour that suits them? If I specify the slots are 4 hours in duration I can't place more than 2 slots per day. - Any ideas?

  • Ethnio

    Probably the best is to set up a bunch of spots, then add a follow-up question asking them "if none of the above times work for you please specify when would work for you." If you create 1 hour spots there are gonna be all sorts of problems once you start scheduling people. You can always move the 4hr spot and re-send the screener with the suffix #schedule to a participant after you've changed the time... Like

  • Simon Johnson

    Thanks for the tip. You mentioned a "follow-up question", how exactly would you create that in the screener? Ideally it a follow-up question would only appear after the participant had chosen a time slot.

  • Ethnio

    Just a regular next question that says "If there are other times that work better for you then the times listed above, please specify them: [ single text field]"

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