Script Compatibility



  • Chirag Patel

    Thanks for this. Specifically, I'm trying to fetch and execute the popup with jQuery's getScript() function. I verified's javascript is being fetched, but it's not being executed. You can try in the Chrome/Firefox console.

  • Ethnio

    Hey Chirag, great question. We'll have to check with our developer on this and get back to you.

  • Chirag Patel

    Thanks, specifically I'm trying the following. 


    The ID has been changed to '12345' to protect the innocent

  • Chirag Patel

    Oops, I meant to say $.getScript("");

  • Ethnio

    We tested it and are sure - it's working. But Note, that screener saves cookie to don't

    be showed twice. So you need clear cookies each time for testing. Also You can use this small peace of code for including ethnio screener.

    var screener = document.createElement('script');
    screener.src = "//";
    screener.async = "true";

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