Sending Respondents to a Third Party URL with Logic


You can use a set of closed-ended questions and targeting in ethnio to essentially pre-screen and send users to any link you'd like. Some common tools our customers use in conjunction with ethnio are:

  • Qualtrics
  • Optimal Workshop

The basic idea is that you can specify which questions yield a "congrats" page, and send everyone else to the "thanks page. At a high-level, it's similar when Doc explains to Marty there are two alternate realities, and they are living in the "Wrong 1985." So like the following:



Once logged into your ethnio account, find the Branching Logic feature in step 6) Logic of your screener setup (make sure branching logic is activated in that step). You can setup certain questions and answers to yield an invite to your research automatically. For example, you can ask people in an ethnio screener if they have ever been to your web site before, and only show an invite to the people that answer "yes"-- or anything else you can imagine.



You can also use branching logic to only talk to people with certain browsers or in certain locations:


Use this feature to integrate with a third party tool and send qualified recruits straight to your test or third party tool: 




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    The branching logic options are found is step 4 - Thanks Page settings.

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