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response is any submitted screener from a live site. Ethnio automatically marks responses from preview mode as "bogus" so you can hide them, as well as responses with more than three blank answers. We're clever that way. That means if someone doesn't fill out most of the screener, we mark it as bogus, and you will not see their response.

recruit is simply the title we gave your lists of responses inside the Ethnio app to make it clearer that these are potential recruits. We realize that in the world of user research, a recruit is someone who is definitely scheduled for research, but just go with it. You can change the status of any recruit to be a favorite, scheduled, and even add notes on each individual recruit."


Status Definitions

Here are definitions for each of the status options on your ethnio recruits dashboard (you rollover a recruit to change status, which is pictured):

Bogus - as mentioned above, ethnio marks anyone with three empty fields as bogus. You can also manually mark a response as bogus if it looks spammy or fake.

Clicked Through - if you setup branching logic in ethnio to send certain people automatically to a tool like or usabilla, ethnio will automatically show you if they at least clicked through to start the exercise (and it will change to "Completed - Usabilla" when they finish, for example).

New - the default state - just means a recruit where no action has been taken yet

Qualified - again for branching logic only, if they met your criteria for a qualified participant.

Completed - A recruit successfully completed your ethnio screener and/or the third party tool (if you use one, of course, in branching logic). 

Dismissed - if you called someone and didn't want to use them for some reason

Favorite - pretty self-explanatory

Called - you called a user but didn't schedule them

No Answer - called but they didn't answer. Sort of redundant to Called. Maybe we should remove. :-)

Not Available - called and they couldn't participate

Paid Manually - if you paid the participant an incentive but didn't use Ethnio's automatica incentive payment

Scheduled - you called them and scheduled them for a time. Use the notes field to enter the time if you like. 

Delete - click on it and find out. But be ready to delete that recruit forever. Because that's what delete does 


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