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We set a cookie upon any view of the invite of an Ethnio screener by domain, so that nobody sees an Ethnio screener twice on the same domain for 30 days. They do not have to click on it to trigger the cookie, only have it appear. This means if you have 10 screeners on, after someone sees one screener, they will not see any other screeners anywhere on, BUT subdomains are different, so if you have, then your visitors can see another screener on that subdomain. You can turn this on or off under screeners >> publish for any given screener:

The main issue with this is that if you are visiting a site to test the screener, you need to clear all ethnio cookies to see the screener. This will not affect new visitors, but as the account owner, just be aware of this when you test out your screener. You'll have three ethnio cookies that normal visitors won't have, just from seeing the screener on different pages or being logged into ethnio.

Again, your visitors will always see the screener if they haven't before, but we also err on the side of not showing it twice, and due to caching and JavaScript that are out of our control, a tiny percentage of people may visit your site when the screener is "off," but still get the cookie set and never see the screener. Like 5%. We believe it's better to never annoy your visitors than to make sure every last person sees the screener. We'll never change that, as we hate annoying people.

>> More detailed technical info on our cookie is here.

 Pro Tip: Just search for "ethn" in the cookie-clearing part of your browser and delete ethnio_displayed to be ale to see the screener again for testing. 

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    How do I display one screener one time, and then later on down the road if a user does something, display a second screener?

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