International Ethnio: Using other languages.


There are two ways to use multiple languages in Ethnio.

  1. One Screener If you just have a single international language, the Ethnio screener will accept any Unicode characters. You can turn on "advanced options" on the invite page to change the "Continue" button to your own language. The close button is just an "X" so all words can be totally customized! Below is an example. Other small things like tool tips can be customized from screeners >> questions and the "customize tool tips" box.

  2. Multiple Languages - read all about this here, but you can create multiple languages for one screener under screeners >> design, and use our handy translation helper to track and sync all languages for one main language. For example, if you create a screener in English, and have a French and Spanish version, this will let you easily maintain those different languages and even export data using your translated legend of english answers for closed-ended questions

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