Can we pay incentives with different currencies?


Use API to Automatically Pay Participants in Through Your Ethnio Account: 

Currently, we only have the ability to offer US gift cards for automatic incentive payments. Therefore, we don't have the option for currency conversion (yet). 
Here's Amazon's current International Shipping rates when purchasing from and sending to  a country outside of the US:

Use the Ethnio Recruit Dashboard & an Alternative Incentive:

We know that some ethnio users prefer to pay participants in their own currency. So we recommend signing up for an amazon account specific to your country (e.g. Amazon UK) and pay participants manually.
To do this, just filter participants who are 'Completed' in your Recruits dashboard once you're done with your study, and export that list to an Excel sheet. Then copy and paste when you want to pay participants with an incentive other than from 
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