Recommended Incentive Amounts


Incentives can really be anything that will be attractive to your target audience. The only incentives that ethnio can pay automatically right now are Amazon gift cards via email, but feel free to offer any incentive you like if you'll be fulfilling them yourself. In general, we offer about $25 of value for every 15 minutes of the participant’s time that the research will require. So for a standard 45-50 minute behavioral interview, we usually start with $75.


  • Bear in mind that professional audiences, as opposed to consumers, may require a higher incentive—in that case, it’s a good idea to come as close as possible to matching the professional’s hourly rate, in order to make participating worth their while.

  • The most common incentive used is still Amazon eGift Cards, and has been for years — we like them because they require only an email address, so there’s less information to collect from the participant. We admit, this only works well where Amazon is available, but that is a growing list of countries, including everywhere from China to France to Japan.
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